08 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Swiftclaws"-028:33

08 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Swiftclaws"-0

The first episode with the Swiftclaws.

"quote from leader, Warglen" - Warglen

General info

This group of wargs first emerged in Season 2 Episode 08, and the video was even titled "The Swiftclaws". They warned K'Joor and his friends about the dangers of the corruption, and told them off "Rings of Purity" to protect themselves. One of the wargs named Nora joined them as they searched. These rings were found to be worthless by Serana in Season 2 Episode 14.

Warglen was also seen at the end of Season 2 Episode 15, and this has led several Darklings to think he and the wargs are actually evil and working for Doben.

Important members

Nora (blah)

Warglen (blah)

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