08 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Swiftclaws"28:33

08 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Swiftclaws"

Nora's first appearance.

"...."  -Nora

Nora is a female werewolf and a member of the Swiftclaws . She was assigned by Warglen to escort and guard K'Joor and his friends on their way to Arcwind Point. She is unique among the other werewolves in that she is completely silent and that she chooses not to fight, though she still approaches the enemy.

It is unknown if she is friend or foe at this point in time.


Kjoor and little derp nora colored by bluefoxyz-d62x85f

K'Joor and Nora, made by Bluefoxyz.

Nora is a werewolf who shows no desire to fight, despite being sent to protect the gang, Nora won't raise a claw to defend them. She also has no dialogue with anyone in the company. Also she never leaves Beast Form.

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