01 Let's Play Skyrim with Marthar - "The Wizard from Daggerfall!"26:37

01 Let's Play Skyrim with Marthar - "The Wizard from Daggerfall!"

Episode 01 of Marthar's adventures.


A close-up shot of Marthar from Season 2, Episode 14.

"Excuse me! Have you seen a pervy old Breton?"

- K'Joor

Marthar is a Breton Arch-Mage from Daggerfall. He is also a massive pervert and often uses a unique Transfiguration spell to shapeshift to 'peek' on women.


Marthar was captured by the Imperials, under the impression that he was a Stormcloak Soldier, when he was exploring Skyrim. Marthar is also the current Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold. He probably wasn't attending the College at the same time as Phantom-Fish.


Marthar often has nude parties with Alice and Alianor in the Honningbrew Meadery. He will often say things like "Victory! Or Sovengarde!". This is unusual because he is a Breton. He even sounds like a Nord.


  • The reason Marthar often speaks with the Nord voice is because VFTD never fixed his voice. He thought it was a funny addition to the series.

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