Grrath, as seen in Season 2, Episode 15.

11 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Orc"38:48

11 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Orc"

The first episode with Grrath.

"An orc follows to the death." - Grrath

Grrath is an Orc warrior who fights with K'Joor to retake Skyrim from Doben. He uses two-handed weapons and is a beast in combat.


Grrath was first encountered in Season 2 , Episode 11, outside the White River Watch. He fights at K'Joor's side, and has become an important part of the team.


Grrath doesn't speak a lot, but he seems to be a very strong-willed Orc, who will tear at the face of those who oppose him. He has still showed empathy, and luckily his rage seems directed at Doben and his followers.


  • VFTD sometimes refers to Grrath as "the emo orc" off camera.

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